Benefits & Services

Benefits & Services

St Benedict's, Ealing offers more than just an education…! The benefits of being a member of The Old Priorian Association – its alumni community – begin on the day you leave the School, and last throughout a lifetime.

A variety of benefits and services are available to Members; spend some time browsing our many offerings, some of which include an online directory of Old Priorians in business, lifetime e-mail forwarding, and alumni travel opportunities…

The Association was established in 1927 to:

  • To form a centre of union for former pupils of the School and to hold meetings to renew old associations which connect the Members with the School and Ealing Abbey
  • To forward and promote in every practical way the interests of the School
  • To conduct its business according to Section 3 of The Rules of The Association

Life and Ordinary Members of the Association receive the following benefits:

  • One copy of each issue of "The Priorian" on request upon publication, at cost plus postage
  • Members receive a free copy of "The Priorian" in their year of leaving School and for the next three years. Thereafter it may be ordered for purchase
  • The Old Priorian "Newsletter" twice a year by mail and e-mail
  • Membership of Old Priorian Sports Clubs, and access as agreed from time to time to the Playing Fields and Pavilion at Perivale
  • Access to the Association’s Administration Team for assistance in correspondence with other individual Old Priorians
  • E-mail of the updates to the Old Priorian Diary of Association and School Events

Sustaining Members: Life Members – once established in life – may wish to make a regular additional contribution to the Association to enhance its assistance to the School under Section 3 of the Association Rules. Sustaining Members shall have additional free entitlement to attend School plays, concerts and other such events.

The Chaplain of the Association says Mass for the welfare of the Members of the Association on the day of the Annual General Meeting, and one Mass for each Member on his or her decease

The Chaplain conducts an Annual Service of Remembrance for those killed in the service of their country
Members may notify others of Births, Marriages and Deaths* in the Monthly Email News issued to Members and Non-Members

*We will endeavour, if requested by an Old Priorian's Family, to issue by email a Notice of the Funeral of a deceased Old Priorian.