Kilimanjaro Expedition

In 2010 The Old Priorian Association awarded Sinead Leahy (OP 2008) a Travelling Scholarship by to be used on her planned expedition to Kilimanjaro. Below is her account wholesale jerseys of her travels:

As a keen fresher and Amsterdam still in the wake of my post ‘gap yah’ travelling blues, I already had my eyes fixed on my next challenge. Within the first few weeks of being at Durham I had heard many a rumour about this ‘Kilimanjaro Expedition’ that the university charity committee (‘DUCK’) ran. I went along to the talk, and eagerly applied. And so, Primulas after being successfully accepted onto the trip, by the end of my first term I had already planned five weeks of my summer holiday. However, as if reaching the summit wasn’t a big enough challenge, the principal aim of the expedition was to raise a lot of money for charity. Continue reading “Kilimanjaro Expedition”