Basil Nickerson's Speech

Basil Nickerson 2011

Below is the Speech made by Basil Nickerson, Guest of Honour, at this year’s President’s Dinner in March 2011. It is given “as is” – it is not meant to be an English essay, but Basil’s printed speech “notes” that he used at the lectern.

The content is copyright Basil Nickerson 2011 and reproduced with his permission.

Rev. Father Abbot, Rev. Fathers, Headmaster, ex-pupils, Academic, Sport or CCF, Ex-Colleagues, 10 of you – you must be gluttons for punishment! Old Priorians – men and ladies now! First, thank you for the honour of inviting me to be your Guest. As a member of staff; I first attended Old Priorian Dinners in the early 1960s at the Restaurant at Regents Park Zoo. I have attended at several places since, even for a period when we were only a few. In those days, Headboy – Alexander (Somerville), you had to make a Speech proposing the toast of the OPA. Continue reading “Basil Nickerson's Speech”