Clasped in Prayer

'Clasped in Prayer': Short Stories

'Clasped in Prayer': Short Stories is a new book from The Association's Hon Secretary and Old Priorian, Lewis Hill.

“Why this third book from Old Priorian Hon Secretary Lewis Hill is so entitled becomes apparent when the hero Get of the first of his eight short stories starts to achieve ‘Atman-like awareness of the Brahman mind.’ The reader needs to keep his wits about him if he is not to cheap jerseys online be taken unaware by Lewis’ deft denouement.

The central character of his second story also seeks solace from within his soul: he eventually learns that God loves him while there is more nicotine in the third than Duotrope is nowadays politically correct. Kiezen However Lewis displays an acute medical awareness which he shares generously; the hero of the fourth tale has learnt to sit still and know wholesale mlb jerseys his webshopunkat God.

The longer fifth story owes its truthfulness to the parable of the Prodigal Son and its otherworldliness to the influence of the East, while the sixth brings us a hero on a Harley Davidson. He is called Luther but cheap nba jerseys in his behaviour echoes Abraham ready to sacrifice his son.  He carries some mysterious cross-shaped sword, which ends up in a comfortingly familiar way.

A lot happens in t

he sixth story. Imagine being a baby imprisoned in your mother’s womb; go on as an adult to imagine being imprisoned in an ‘Vacation’ alcoholic haze and as Expedition an old person being similarly trammelled by disease and degeneration. Then look at things as though you were a woman giving birth, as the obstetrician attending her and the exhausted paediatrician  caring for her offspring. Which one ends up confined to hospital with a serious depression enjoying electro-convulsive therapy and lithium tablets? Perhaps Lewis has used up too much of his material here.

The hero of the seventh story knows himself to be intoxicated by his own verbosity. Walking in Kew wholesale jerseys Gardens he muses magical musings, but when he gets  off the 65 bus in our own Bond Street something very dramatic happens.

The resurrection of Lazarus enacted by South African school children introduces the final story. Though it is not a happy one, there is a splendid kick in the tail.” – David Murphy

Here the author experiments with the dark chocolate side of fiction, nibbling away at bite sized short stories ideal for office lunch times.To be taken with a cup of soup these stories will whet your appetite for more. WARNING: some late Nickerson's night solitary readers may have to imbibe of something stronger by way of refreshment.

“Short stories should be compact; they should create, conflict and conclude but in pages, not chapters.” – Lewis Hill

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