Find a Classmate

Find a Classmate

If you are a St Benedict’s, Ealing alumnus and are looking for a former classmate, there are two ways that we can help. Here’s how:

Gather any information you have about your classmate (class year, married/maiden name, etc) that might assist us in finding your friend. Then, call 020 8862 2249 and request an alumni locator search.

A member of The Old Priorian Association administation staff will check to see if your classmate’s current address is in the Association database.

If an address is available, we will be happy to forward a personal letter to your classmate on your behalf. Just compose your letter and seal it in a stamped envelope with your friend’s name and class year on the outside. Send it to us in another envelope addressed to:

Classmate Locator Service
The Old Priorian Association
St Benedict’s, Ealing
54 Eaton Rise
London W5 2ES

Because The Old Priorian Association is committed to safeguarding the confidentiality of information our alumni have shared with us, we do not give out any addresses or telephone numbers directly.

Of course, your friend or former classmate may also be part of the “online community” of St Benedict’s, Ealing alumni. Complete and submit the form below and we’ll forward your contact information.

Please complete as much of this form as you can; a bold field denotes mandatory field

On successful submission of this form you will receive an immediate acknowledgement here; if you do not see this reply then please scroll down and having corrected any reported data errors, resubmit.

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