Kilimanjaro Expedition

In 2010 The Old Priorian Association awarded Sinead Leahy (OP 2008) a Travelling Scholarship by to be used on her planned expedition to Kilimanjaro. Below is her account wholesale jerseys of her travels:

As a keen fresher and Amsterdam still in the wake of my post ‘gap yah’ travelling blues, I already had my eyes fixed on my next challenge. Within the first few weeks of being at Durham I had heard many a rumour about this ‘Kilimanjaro Expedition’ that the university charity committee (‘DUCK’) ran. I went along to the talk, and eagerly applied. And so, Primulas after being successfully accepted onto the trip, by the end of my first term I had already planned five weeks of my summer holiday. However, as if reaching the summit wasn’t a big enough challenge, the principal aim of the expedition was to raise a lot of money for charity. In accepting a place on the expedition each of us agreed to guarantee to raise £1500 for the charity ‘Save the Children’ in addition to the £1800 it would cost in expenses to get to Tanzania. Therefore, over the Christmas holidays I made ambitious plans as to how I was going to reach these goals. After setting up a Facebook group encouraging my friends to donate online, Edd Conway contacted me mentioning that Scheuer, the OPA offered a travel grant that contributes to funding trips and expeditions made by Old Priorians that are intended to enrich the individual’s personal or academic development. It is not very well known but without the OPA’s extremely generous grant I would have struggled to raise the necessary funds that would enable me to reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro all in aid of Save the Children. I successfully managed to raise a combined total (including fundraising and expenses) of £3300 prior to departure and so with one feat under my belt I eagerly awaited the 3rd July when I would head South East of Heathrow for Africa.

After an exhausting and nauseating struggle of four ascending days, I successfully reached the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro during the early hours of the 10th July 2010. Such an achievement was only O possible due to the OPA’s kind generosity.

The rest of the expedition was just as incredible, where exploring and experiencing local Tanzanian culture was truly an eye Nickerson's opening experience. After the climb we were involved with some projects run by a local charity in Arusha. We met and worked with many people who were suffering directly and indirectly from HIV/AIDS and the renovation work we completed here for a local village has already brought about positive and sustainable change website to these people’s lives. It has enabled them to distribute grants from NGO’s to those suffering from HIV/AIDS in the more rural regions, these grants will support and kick start local businesses to provide these people with a livelihood. Without the brand new offices that we built, such opportunities in life would not have been possible for these local villagers.

Tanzania is amongst one of the four most naturally diverse countries in the world. Therefore discovering its stunning, vast landscapes was endlessly breathtaking, and something I will never forget. The varied landscapes wholesale NFL jerseys of mountains, savannah, rainforest and beaches, to name a few, never ceased to amaze me. By embarking on this expedition, as a group we collectively raised a staggering total of £40,000 for Save the Children. Save the Children rely heavily on Durham University’s fundraising every year and their fantastic work can be seen in LEDCs but also right here in the UK. So on Save the Children’s behalf, I would like to thank wholesale NBA jerseys the OPA. Additionally I would definitely encourage other OPs who may be considering similar expeditions to apply for this travel wholesale jerseys grant, as it made covering the expenses a lot more manageable and stress free, allowing me to truly enjoy the experience. Finally I would like to thank the OPA again for enabling me to embark on such a trip.

Sinead Leahy (OP 2008)

If you are planning to embark on a similar endeavour, your Association awards up to two annual Travelling Scholarship. The awards are open not only to gap-year students, but to any Old Priorians of any vintage. Please contact the Association Office for further details.