Reunion Lunch London November 2013

On Tuesday 12th November 2013 Ian Blackaller (1957) arranged another of the biannual lunches for OPs of the mid-fifties to mid-sixties vintage; lunch was held at Shampers Wine Bar, just off Regent Street and as usual extended to a full four hours of convivial reunion. The Association is as always most grateful to Ian for his organisation that goes into this informal gathering.

For the record twenty one attended:

Tony Sparks (51), Bernard Stutt (55), Basil Nickerson (Staff 56-94), Ian Blackaller (57), Tony Brunning (57), Kevin Hannigan (57), Tony Japes (57), Brian Lee (57) Anthony Phillips (57), David Randell (57), James Anscomb (58), Anthony Baker (58), Desmond Baker (58) John McGrath (58), Richard Baker (59), Jim Dapre (59), Rob Davies (59), John Lindley (59), Brian Taylor (60), Gordon Wilson (60) and Brendan Caulfield (63)

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